Rae Strong At The NCAA Men's Volleyball Championships

Lewis Men's Volleyball has advanced to the Semi-Finals at the 2021 NCAA Men's Volleyball National Championships in Columbus, OH. Tune in Thursday, May 6th to see them take on BYU for a chance to make it to the Championship and see if you can spot any Rae Strong gear being wore by fans (or even the Lewis coaching staff!) CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Greater Than Zero Percent Podcast

Dan Friend, co-founder of Rae Strong, was recently a guest on the Greater Than Zero Percent Podcast with host Joseph Smalzer to share the story of our foundation's beginning and where we're looking to grow in the future!

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Help Families in Need

15 Million Babies are born Premature every year, Rae Strong raises money to support these families

Your Charitable Life

The Rae Strong Foundation has 501(c)(3) status. Donations are deductible. The Rae Strong Foundation EIN is 83-2181244.

Most Trusted

100% of donations and proceeds from events go towards Preemie Families or local NICUs

No Goal Requirement

Whether it's $1 or $200, we accept and are grateful for any help you can give

Preemie Stories

Read the incredible stories of Preemie Families


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