Rae Strong By The Numbers 2019

With the new decade in full swing, we want to take a look back and appreciate what Rae Strong has been able to accomplish in such a short time! Thank you for everyone who has helped us along the way, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for Rae Strong!

Rae Strong Statistics (since October 2018)

Money raised: $15,000

T-Shirts Sold: over 250

Grant and donations:

  • Donation to the Ronald McDonald House
  • Gift cards to the Loyola NICU
  • Gift cards to the Evanston NICU
  • Grant to the Hutton Family

Events Held:

  • 4 Lewis University Volleyball Preemie Nights
  • 2 Players Sport & Social Events (Beach Slap & Big Dig)
  • Texas Hold-Em with Guide Point Security

Preemies Featured:

  • Thomas FioRito
  • Emersyn Birtcher
  • Clare Hutton
  • Mason Netzler

Christmas Gift Cards Given Out*:

  • Loyola NICU – 30
  • Evanston NICU – 35

*thank you to those that donated during the Holiday Season that allowed us to award gift cards to Preemie Families

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