Beach Slap 2019

Beach Slap 2019

With the help of Players Sport & Social Group, Rae Strong supported its first ever tournament. Not only that, it was wildly successful! 236 total teams across 18 divisions competing in both volleyball and bags. Wow.

Thank you!

We wanted to thank everyone who donated or purchased a shirt at Beach Slap from us! The Rae Strong Foundation raised $3500 to help families with Preemies, and they absolutely appreciate your help. It’s amazing to bring people together to help those who may be needing help and good thoughts, and that’s what Rae Strong is all about.

What’s Next?

Rae Strong will be supporting another Players Sport & Social Group event! At North Avenue  Beach on August 3rd will be the Big Dig. It is sure to be just as great, if not even better than Beach Slap, so be on the lookout for an article from us hyping up the event and promotions! We hope to see everyone there.

Have an idea for an event? Contact us!

Jennifer Dolan Photography
San Francisco, California

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